Infused Gins

Infused gins are easy to make, taste delicious, look beautiful and make fabulous gifts.


Firstly, find yourself an appropriate 1.5-2L jar (Kilner & Ikea are both fantastic). Next task is to add your sugar and fruit to the jar. I use around 200g caster sugar per 1L of gin. You can adjust this according to your pallette but be sure not to use golden caster sugar as this will obscure the colour.

Give your infusing ingredients & sugar and good shake and leave for around 24 hours – this will help draw out all the flavourful juices from the fruit.

The next step is simple. Pour over 1L of gin and leave your jar of joy in a cool dark place for around 4-6 weeks.

After your gin is sufficiently infused – drain it using a muslin cloth and decant into bottles ready for tasting (the best bit).

Here are a few favourite flavour combinations…


Cranberry & Clementine

300g Cranberries pricked with a fork to release the juices

The peel of 2 clementines avoiding the bitter white pith

A cinnamon stick


Christmas Spice Gin

300g Cranberries with a fork to release the juices

The peel of a large orange – again avoiding the pith

A cinnamon stick

5-10 cloves

2 star anise


Rhubarb Gin

400g of the pinkest rhubarb cut into 1 inch pieces




All thats left left to do is grab a glass & enjoy! Let me know your favourite infusion xxx

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